1 Encyclopedia Brown Tracks Them Down

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Encyclopedia Brown Tracks Them Down

Written by Donald Sobol

Reviewed by J.B. (age 8)

Encyclopedia Brown Tracks Them Down

Whenever Mr. Brown, the policeman, has a case that he cannot solve, he brings it home and tells it to his son, Encyclopedia. Encyclopedia’s real name is Leroy, but his friends call him Encyclopedia because he reads a lot of books. This case is about Mr. Ware who was a champion water skier who gets kidnapped. Find out who kidnapped Mr. Ware.

My favorite part in the book is when Bugs Meany gets caught stealing Smelly Nellies ambergris; also known as whale vomit! I think all the mysteries in this book are unique. This story reminds me of my sister who is always catches me doing something wrong. I liked the book because the illustrations go with the writing.

I think people that like mysteries would like this book. I would recommend this book to first graders through sixth graders. Something that you might like in this story is that whenever someone tries breaking a rule, Encyclopedia always finds out and reports the information back to his dad. No one can get away with doing something wrong with Encyclopedia on the case.