1 The Name of the Book is Secret

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The Name of the Book is Secret

Written by Pseudonymous Bosch

Illustrated by Gillbert Ford

Reviewed by V.E. (age 9)

The Name of the Book is Secret

Cass and Max-Ernest are trying to save their friend from getting his brain sucked out by Dr. L. and Ms. Mauvais. They go on a big journey to try and save their friend. Both friends have to go in disguise and when they go to the midnight spa they make a big fire. There’s a guy who works at the spa whose name is Owen. He helps Cass and Max-Ernest on their journey. Read the book to find out if Cass and Max-Ernest save their friend!

I like this book because Cass is a survivalist and she has all these cool gadgets in her back pack! My favorite part of this book is when Cass is climbing down the rope and fire starts to catch on the bottom of the rope. Max-Ernest helps Cass back up. I liked the character Owen because he’s always in disguise and he dresses like a different person all the time. When I read this book I could make a great mental movie in my head because it was so descriptive. This book is good because the characters are so different from each other so every reader can find someone to relate to!

I recommend this book to people who like books with big adventures and secrets. Make sure to read the series in order because in the last book it tells you the biggest secret of all! This book would be just right for most 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.