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Written by Tedd Arnold

Illustrated by Tedd Arnold

Reviewed by Jeremy T. (age 8)


The story is about a kid that was falling apart. He was falling apart in the bathroom, in the sandbox, in his room, and when he was taking a bath. He taped himself with masking tape. At the park when he was pitching his arms fell off and his eyes popped out of his face. Something fell out of his nose. He thought it was his brain but it was his boogers. He thought teeth fell out but his father told him that they grow back. His father told him that it is normal.

I love the part when his boogers fell out and he thought he was losing his brain. It was disgusting because I never saw pictures of boogers in a book before. He should have told his mother that his brain was falling out of his head.

I recommend this book to you, if you are eight years old..