1 I, Crocodile

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I, Crocodile

Written by Fred Marcellino

Illustrated by Fred Marcellino

Reviewed by J.S. (age 8)

I, Crocodile

This book is about a crocodile that got kidnapped by Napoleon. He made him do shows for every one in France and they loved him! There was something special about him. He was always hungry. The crocodile does not like being locked up in a cage and one day he got a chance to escape. To find out more, check out I,Crocodile.

The part when the crocodile was dancing was my favorite part of the book. I did not like Napoleon because he trapped the crocodile and it wasn’t fair. I liked the crocodile because at the end he ate all the people that he did not like. I thought it was funny and it made me laugh. I liked the illustrations because they were funny and the colors were bright. The book also made me laugh inside because it was weird what the crocodile does.

If you like to laugh, this is the book for you! I recommend it if you like to do silly stuff and sneaky things. I recommend this book to kids in grades 2, 3, or 4.