1 Mutley

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Written by Ellen Miles

Reviewed by Amber M. (age 9)


At Caring Paws, a puppy named Mutley hasn't been adopted for sometime. One of Lizzie Peterson's classmates has wanted a puppy for sometime. Lizzie thinks the puppy is a perfect match for her classmate. But there's one problem- Mutley doesn't get adopted because he is too sleepy! Lizzie decides to foster, or take care of him for a while to make Mutley active. At home, a huge disaster happens! Will Mutley save the day? Can Lizzie get Mutley active? Will her classmate get a puppy to love? Find out in the book, "Mutley."

My reaction and opinion is that it was amazing! I didn't want to put the book down! I hope you like it too! I like it because it has action. My favorite part was the end. If you read it, you'll find out why! Lizzie reminds me of me because she is creative, dog-crazy and determined. Mutley changed in a good way. This book is part of a series called The Puppy Place.

I recommend this book because it has a happy ending and it keeps me busy and happy. A person who likes dogs and action should read it. But anyone should read it. What's interesting is that it is not like any other book I have read, and I think you will love it too.