1 When You Reach Me

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When You Reach Me

Written by Rebecca Stead

Reviewed by Gizette G. (age 11)

In the book, this girl named Miranda and her mom are living in an apartment. Her mom wants to be a contestant in a game show. Her best friend's name is Sal. He got beat up by a boy. Miranda's mom puts a key for Miranda in a fire hydrant so she can go into her house. But one day, her keys are not there. Someone goes into her apartment, but they don't take anything. This is not a fantasy book. This is real. The lesson this book gives you is don't leave or hide your keys in a fire hydrant. Another lesson in the book is that some people that are being mean to you are actually lonely or have some problems with some people.

I was a little bored because she was always talking about the notes that were in her house. My favorite part is when her keys go missing! This was my favorite part because it made me feel interested and was like a scene in a movie. What is unique about this book is in her school there is a free dentist you can go to. My favorite character is Miranda because she is the main character, narrator and is very nice to everybody.

I wouldn't recommend this book because the girl is just talking about her thoughts. I think this book will be interesting for boys and girls in fourth grade because they are starting to read chapter books. I am in the sixth grade and this book was too easy for me.