1 Shredderman: Secret Identity

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Shredderman: Secret Identity

Written by Wendelin Van Draanen

Illustrated by Brian Biggs

Reviewed by Heaven V. (age 10)

Shredderman: Secret Identity

Shedderman is a boy named Noal who gets bullied by Bubba Bixy who has bad breath and hard knuckles. When Noal gets bullied by Bubba he wants to give Bubba a piece of his mind. Bubba hates what happens to him. You have to read to learn more about the book.

What I like about the book is how he gives Bubba a piece of his mind, because when he tries to do things, sometimes it goes wrong. I felt like Bubba, Max and Kevin were being nasty kids who don't care about other kids' feelings, just themselves. They just want others to feel their pain. My favorite character is called Pony Girl that tries to stand up for Noal. She thinks about others and not just herself, like Bubba, Bixy, Max and Kevin. Pony Girl reminds me of my brother Jeremy, because every time a kid would be mean to me, he would stand up for me. My favorite part is when Pony Girl asks Noal about the Gecko, his favorite tv show. Noal tries to pretend like she didn't ask anything because he doesn't want everyone to know. That part made me feel that I don't have to tell everyone what happens in my life, and that if I don't want everyone to know, then they don't need to know.

I suggest this book to my brother Jeremy not to give up in school or to stand up for others, like me. I want to recommend it to my sister Giselle because life gives you problems, but you have to think about others and learn how to figure it out, too.