1 A Lion To Guard Us

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A Lion To Guard Us

Written by Clyde Robert Bulla

Illustrated by Michele Chessare

Reviewed by Briana T. (age 9)

"A Lion To Guard Us," is mainly about Amanda, Jemmy and Meg trying to find their father because their mother fell down the stairs and she became ill. When the doctor went to check on their mother, he found out that she was dead. The next month they started to sail to Jamestown, Virgina. On their way to Virginia their boat broke. And when they got to Virginia, they found their dad. It's called "A Lion To Guard Us" because their dad gave them a knocker that felt close to them. The knocker made sunshine when it was in a hole and the light hit it.

My opinion is the book was very interesting because it was sad that their mother died. It was really interesting how they first crashed into a deserted island, because it felt like they were going to stay there when their ship broke. It felt like they were going to stay there forever and never going to see their father again. My favorite part was when they went to Virginia, and they found their father. I like it when they used the lion's knocker to make sunshine because it made me feel surprised.

I would like my 14 year old cousin, Natalie, to read it because she likes books that have different emotions that surprise and all of a sudden scare you.