1 Ready, Freddy, Tooth Trouble

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Ready, Freddy, Tooth Trouble

Written by Adria Klein

Illustrated by John McKinley

Reviewed by Alex J. (age 8)

Ready, Freddy, Tooth Trouble

This book is about when a boy named Freddy is the only one in his class that hasn't lost a tooth. The characters are Max, Freddy, Cleo, Jessie, Robbie, Philip and Sandy. And when Freddy was in school he got into a fight. He got happy that he could lose a tooth. Then he got in trouble with his mother.

My favorite part is when his sister tells him that she can take his tooth out. Then she shows her fist. This reminds me of when I wanted my tooth to come out like my sister's. I like the illustrations and the illustrator because he made the characters really real.

I recommend this book to children 8 to 10 years old or children with high reading levels. You might like this book if you live in an urban area like Freddy. You should read this book because this book is funny.