1 Miss Rumphius

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Miss Rumphius

Written by Barbara Cooney

Illustrated by Barbara Cooney

Reviewed by Konnor B. (age 7)

Miss Rumphius

Have you ever planted blue bonnets before? Well in this book there is a lady named, Miss Rumphius, who plants lupines. These are flowers that are similar to blue bonnets. She also lives by the sea and travels to faraway places.

I love this book because it reminds me that my dad loves to plant flowers in our backyard. My favorite part in this book is that Miss Rumphius travels to faraway places. I like Miss Rumphius the best because she is very, very, nice. Miss Rumphius is called the Lupine Lady in the story.

I recommend this book to all grades, because it is very, very, very funny. If you like to read books about nature and people doing good things for our earth then you will love this book.