1 Don't Embarrass Me, Dad

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Don't Embarrass Me, Dad

Written by Sharon Holt

Reviewed by Joshua R (age 8)

Don't Embarrass Me, Dad

In this story Don’t Embarrass Me, Dad, I met Ben. Ben is planning to have a sleepover with some friends. Ben is worried about how his dad will embarrass him. Ben’s dad is basketball coach. Ben’s dad likes to wear his whistle around his neck when he is home. Ben’s dad treats his family like a basketball team. Ben is worried that his dad is going to act like a basketball coach when his friends come to his house for the sleepover. Will Ben’s sleepover be okay?

My favorite part was when Ben put the garbage can on the TV and threw a piece of paper and made the shot because he was playing basketball with a piece of paper and a garbage can. My favorite character was Ben’s dad because he is a basketball coach. I like this book because Ben plays basketball and his dad is a basketball coach. This reminds me of the fact that I am learning how to play basketball.

I recommend Don’t Embarrass Me, Dad to anybody who likes basketball because in this book Ben’s dad is a basketball coach and Ben plays basketball with his friends. This is a good book for anybody who plays sports. I like this book because it involved a sports and I like baseball a lot.