1 What! Cried Granny

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What! Cried Granny

Written by Kate Lum

Illustrated by Adrian Johnson

Reviewed by Janay G. (age 9)

What! Cried Granny

This story is about a boy named Patrick and his old granny. He went to his granny's house for his first sleep over. His granny also has a pet dog that is very small. When it was getting dark outside his granny sent him to bed. Then he told his granny that he didn't have a bed and his granny screams, "What!!!". After his granny made him a bed Patrick told her that he had no pillow and his granny screamed "Whaaat!!??". When his granny made him a pillow he told his granny that he didn't have a blanket. The main idea of the story is that everything Patrick needed his granny made it for him.

My favorite part of the book is when Patrick said he did not have a bed. I think the illustrations in the book were very colorful and the illustrator had unique drawings. This book reminds me of my first sleep over at my cousin's house. I did not have a bed to sleep in, and my cousin said I could sleep in her bed.

I recommend this book to people who are going to have their first sleep over. I think other people would like to read the book because it is interesting.