1 Weird Parents

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Weird Parents

Written by Audrey Wood

Illustrated by Audrey Wood

Reviewed by Zayda A. (age 9) & Ashley T (age 9)

Weird Parents

This story is about a boy who has weird parents. Everywhere they went his parents did something weird and embarrassed him. For example, they embarrassed him when his mother took him to school and she started dancing. When the father picked him up, his father stopped and shook hands with everyone he met. When they went to the movies they laughed so hard that nobody could hear the movie. At first, his parents acted weird and embarrassed him but at the end, his father buys him an ice cream and his mother buys him a magazine. When it was bedtime, he dreamed that his parents were like the others but he knew it could not happen. Then he dreamed that every body was like his parents. His dad came into his room and carried him outside to the tent. There he slept with him and he said to himself that "they were his parents weird or not."

(Ashley) My favorite part about the story is when his mother embarrassed him by telling people that his belly button stuck out. What I learned was that just because your parents are weird and embarrassing, you should not get mad at them.

(Zayda) My favorite part about the story is when his father asked him to do the chicken dance but the boy said "no" so then the father did the chicken dance. What I learned was that no matter how much your parents embarrass you or act weird they are still your parents.

What we think about the pictures is that they are very colorful, unique, and very funny. For instance, when the boy went off to school the mother stopped the bus just to throw him a kiss and press her hand against her heart. We also think that the father kind of looks like a clown. He had colorful plaid pants, a striped shirt, yellow hair, and red cheeks. We recommend this book to people who have weird parents and like to laugh a lot. This book could put a smile on anyone's face.