1 Popularity Papers: The Long Dispatch Between

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Popularity Papers: The Long Dispatch Between

Written by Amy Ignatow

Reviewed by Jennifer R. (age 9)

Popularity Papers: The Long Dispatch Between

“But Lydia, I don’t want you to go!” Find out why and where Lydia is going in The Popularity Papers: The Long Dispatch Between (Book 2) by Amy Ignatow.

To begin with, Julie is friends with the most popular 8th graders in school but she doesn’t really want to be their friends. So she asks Melody for help and Melody says to tell them to back off. Melody thinks that she should stop being friends with them. That reminds me of my sister who is all ways getting into trouble no matter how many times my mom says to stay out of it.

In addition, Julie tries out for field hockey but she doesn’t make the team! Now whenever she sees Max and Dee they ignore her. This was an important part because Julie felt very unpopular. I would not like to feel that way. I remember one time when I stopped doing gymnastics and my friend wouldn’t even look in my direction and it really made me feel bad. It was really hard for Julie to understand why her friends would act that way just because she didn't make a sports team. Another part of the story that was important is that she only talks about not making the team once. She doesn't feel sorry for herself. She just keeps going. This was a great book because it doesn't feel like you're reading, it feels like you're watching a movie! It is so exciting and not boring that you always want to keep reading it.

In conclusion, this book is perfect for girls in 2nd through 5th grade so I think you should get it now!! You should also try the other books in the series if you enjoy this one.