1 Catkid, Three's a Crowd

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Catkid, Three's a Crowd

Written by Brian James

Illustrated by Ned Woodman

Reviewed by Karlie H. (age 8)

Catkid, Three's a Crowd

If you like friendship books you should read CatKid, Three’s a Crowd. CatKid is a very sweet girl and she is always playing with Maddie, her best friend. She has ears and a tail like a cat! One day a new girl showed up and Maddie was only playing with Kristie, the new girl, and not with CatKid. Kristie is in 3rd grade and was really mean. CatKid thinks Kristie stole Maddie from her because every time CatKid went to do something with Maddie, Kristie wouldn’t let her. Will CatKid get her best friend back? Read the book and find out.

I like how the author started off the book with CatKid talking. This the first line in my book. “The minute I step off the bus it is recess.” My favorite part was when CatKid tried to get revenge back at Kristie. If someone tried to steal my best friend I would try to get revenge, too. In the beginning CatKid was sad because Maddie was always playing with Kristie. In the middle Cat Kid was happy because Maddie started playing with her again. I love the book CatKid, Three’s a Crowd because it has so many emotions like sad, happy, and mad. In this book CatKid learned that your best friend can play with other people and still be your best friend.

I recommend this book for second and third graders. It is about a special friendship between two girls who are really, really good friends. So I recommend this book for girls because boys probably won’t like it.