1 The Falcon's Feathers

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The Falcon's Feathers

Written by Ron Roy

Illustrated by John Stevens Gurney

Reviewed by Ryan T. (age 8)

The Falcon's Feathers

This book is in the A to Z Mysteries series. In the book there are three friends who are Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose. They solve mysteries. This mystery is about who took the baby falcons from their nest. Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose hear a chirping and they find one of the baby falcons. So they take it to the animal shelter. If you want to find out who took the other baby falcons from their nest, read the book to find out.

I like how Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose helped the falcon. They gave the falcon food like meat and some water, too. It reminded me of feeding my pets. I thought it was interesting when Josh made it dark for the falcon. Josh made it dark because if the falcon sees him he might think Josh is his mother. I thought it was weird when Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose gave the falcon a name. They gave it the name “Flash”. I thought that was weird because it was a wild bird. They shouldn’t have given it a name.

If you like mysteries, then the A to Z Mysteries series is for you. I think this book is for second grade to fourth grade. This is a book for boys and girls because the main characters are both boys and girls.