1 Lost Tooth Rescue!

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Lost Tooth Rescue!

Written by Kate Ledger

Illustrated by Kyla May

Reviewed by Isabella P. (age 7)

Lost Tooth Rescue!

It was Lottie and Mia's first day of school. They met a girl named Anna who had a loose tooth. A boy named Toby told Anna, "When your tooth falls out, save it for the tooth fairy and she'll bring you a treat." Anna wiggled her tooth all day long. Suddenly, Anna realized her tooth was gone. She really lost it. Everyone started to help Anna find her tooth.

My favorite part of the story was when Lottie and Mia turned ino super twins because they find Annie's tooth and it makes Anna so happy. My favorite character is Lottie because she has a messy room like me. This story relates to my life because I've lost a tooth before and I got money from the tooth fairy. I was so happy.

This story has pictures and they help tell the story. I think others should read this story because many kids are losing teeth and this book talks about the tooth fairy.