1 Amelia Bedelia Makes a Friend

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Amelia Bedelia Makes a Friend

Written by Herman Parish

Illustrated by Lynne Avril

Reviewed by Cierra L. (age 7)

Amelia Bedelia Makes a Friend

Amelia Bedelia lived next door to ther best friend Jen and they played together all the time. One day Jen and her family moved away. This made Amelia Bedelia very sad. Then a new neighbor moved in and all Amelia wanted was her old neighbor back. Amelia and her mom went over to see the new neighbor, Miss Adams, to say hello. After Amelia got to know Miss Adams, they became friends. Soon, they did everything together and Jen, her old neighbor, came over to play too.

My favorite part of the story was when Amelia was drawing all the items coming out of the moving van in a silly way. My favorite character was Amelia Bedelia because she made her new friend feel welcome. This story relates to my life because I was once the new neighbor and I was treated nicely and played with.

This story has pictures and they help me understand the story and how Amelia felt. Other people should read the story becuase it teaches us how people should act.