1 The Innocent Polly Mcdoodle

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The Innocent Polly Mcdoodle

Written by Mary Woodbury

Illustrated by Ward Schell

Reviewed by Jordan B (age 11)

The Innocent Polly Mcdoodle is a mystery story. It takes place in Edmonton, and Kingsway Garden Mall is a central location for the mystery. Polly Mcdoodle is the main character. Two of her best friends go away for the summer and she's left at home with no friends to hang out with. She thinks it will be a really boring summer. Then strange things keep happening at the mall and she is one of the key suspects. Polly sets out to solve the mystery and meets some very interesting people along the way.

I liked this book because it is a good mystery with interesting and suspenseful plot twists. I also like it because it takes place in Edmonton and I live in Edmonton. Not many kid's books take place in Edmonton, so this was a neat book to read.

My favorite part is when Polly meets Christopher. They meet when Christopher goes into Polly's tree house and Polly catches him looking around. He feels the smooth wooden railing of Polly's tree house, and before he can do anything else, she stops him in his tracks and asks him what he is doing there (in a rude way).

Polly was most the most interesting character because she loves art and likes to work at the senior citizens home where she has a friend, Isabelle, who lives there. Isabelle and Polly are working at making a mural together. Polly doesn't remind me of anyone I know, but I like her anyway.

This book is special to me because it is taking place in my hometown, a city. Being a setting of a story is not something that happens everyday to our city. The Innocent Polly Mcdoodle isn't like any other book I've read. I usually read about animals or books like Pipi Longstocking. This book is part of a series. I have the third book in this series.

I thought this book was exciting because you never knew what was going to happen. Polly was getting herself into trouble and she got herself out of trouble when she didn't even now why she was in trouble. Confusing, isn't it?

This book reminds me of myself because I like to make mystery's, then see who can solve them. I would recommend this book to someone who likes to solve mysteries. I think anyone in grade 5,6 and 7 would like this kind of book. This book would also interest readers who like stories about kids doing important things.