1 Where Does the Garbage Go?

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Where Does the Garbage Go?

Written by Paul Showers

Illustrated by Randy Chewning

Reviewed by Sydney A. (age 8)

Where Does the Garbage Go?

This book is about how you can recycle garbage. It tells about how much garbage people use. The garbage goes to a landfill and they have many layers of garbage. There is a lot more to learn but you need to read to find out.

I think this is a good book because it teaches kids about a real thing. I learned how to recycle from it as well. I liked learning about how much garbage people make everyday. My favorite part was when they made a playground from an old landfill. The story reminds me of when my brother takes out the trash.

I recommend this book to children because they need to know how to recycle and where garbage goes. A teacher could also use this book in their classroom to teach their kids in a Science lesson.