1 The Giving Tree

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The Giving Tree

Written by Shel Silverstein

Illustrated by Shel Silverstein

Reviewed by Alanis V. (age 10)

The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is about a boy who loves a tree. This boy seems to grow really fast and this changes his feelings. The tree gives everything she has. After a while the boy comes back to the tree. When the boy comes back the tree is always happy. When the boy is an old man the tree has nothing. Read this book to find out how the tree helps the boy.

My favorite part was when the boy cut out the trunk of the tree. He carved his initials in it and the initials of his girl friend. He left behind just the initial of him and the tree. I liked it when they played hide and seek and king of the forest.

I recomend this book to kids that enjoy poetry. All first, second, and third graders will enyoy reading this book. The pictures in the book are really cool because they explain how the tree is feeling and how the boy is happy about that.