1 Ben's Dream

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Ben's Dream

Written by Chris Van Allsburg

Illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg

Reviewed by Tiffany T. (age 9)

Ben's Dream

Ben and Margaret were classmates. They needed to study for a geography test tomorrow. Ben went home to study. When he was studying for his geography test, he fell asleep. Then it started to rain. All of a sudden the house moved left to right. The house was floating. He saw many things like the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, and Mount Rushmore.

I really like this book because the pictures are telling me the story. Also it is like another book by Chris Van Allsburg, Just a Dream, because they both have dreams where they travel to different places. I think Ben's Dream is useful because it might help me study for a geography test. Ben's dream was exciting to read because I might be seeing the Great Wall this year with my family.

Ben's Dream is a fantabulous book! It is perfect for people who want to travel. I love to travel. This book was very creative because you can explore places you've never been.