1 Miss Rumphius

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Miss Rumphius

Written by Barbara Cooney

Illustrated by Barbara Cooney

Reviewed by Amanda R. (age 11)

Did you ever want to follow in somebody's foot steps? In the book Miss Rumphius, a girl named Alice wanted to do everything her grandfather had done. Alice wanted to go to faraway places, live beside the sea, and do something to make the world more beautiful. Alice had grown up to become an adult and had completed two promises to her grandfather, but had trouble doing the third promise. Alice had grown too old to move. She tried her best of thinking of something and she got it. She did all of the things that she had told her grandfather. Now after time and time she told stories to children, and was known as a different person. If you want to know what happens in the book, you have to read it!

I like the book because it teaches kids to keep promises. My favorite part in the book is when she does the last thing that her grandfather told her to do, because it makes my feel happy. My favorite character was Miss Rumphius. I really enjoyed her because i got to see her life from when she was a little girl to becoming an old adult.

I think that 7 year olds would like this book because it teaches kids to keep a promise.