1 Scarlet and Crimson

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Scarlet and Crimson

Written by Ashley Bryan

Illustrated by Thelma Dixon

Reviewed by Sarah K. (age 10)

Scarlet and Crimson

This story is about a girl named Britney who goes to middle school. She made a new friend Ashley. In this book she found the true meaning of friendship. They came to trust one other by meeting at lunchtime. The true meaning of friendship is someone you can depend on or trust.

I personally think this is a great book because it shows that anyone big or small can make friends. My favorite part of the book is chapter 10 “dodge ball”. It was hilarious, and it almost made me fall out of my chair. My favorite characters are Britney, Ashley, Mike, Ryan, Cristal and Destomy. I like them because they all have a friendship that cannot break. I dislike Nora, and Anna. They are a group of girls who are mean and always think they are all that.

I recommended this book to my brother Ellian. I love him so much that he is my day and light. I also recommend this to children ages 8 to 13. You should read this book because you learn how to deal with friends, and in life no matter what happens anything is possible.