1 SpongeBob's Easter Parade

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SpongeBob's Easter Parade

Written by Steven Banks

Illustrated by Barry Goldberg

Reviewed by Brian P. (age 11)

Do you like Easter? You should read Sponge Bob's Easter Parade. Sponge Bob is a Sponge and Patrick is a star. They knew each other when they were little. SpongeBob and Patrick saw a poster on the lamp post. It was a competition about a float for the Easter Parade. SpongeBob and Patrick decided to think of a float for the competition. But they could not decide which one, so they went to other people. Then they got an idea. Sponge Bob and Patrick went home and built their float, but then they found a big bunny float in the street, so they used it in the parade. They cheated by using someone else's float. Sponge Bob and Patrick were sad because they did the wrong thing by using someone else's float and cheated. But they also build their own float.

I like the book because it is about SpongeBob's and Patrick's Easter Day. My favorite part is when SpongeBob and Patrick share the trophy with their friends. I think that they should build their own float, and that they should not use someone else's float.

I recommend this book to my cousin.