1 The Snowy Day

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The Snowy Day

Written by Ezra Jack Keats

Reviewed by Isabella R. (age 7)

The Snowy Day

The book The Snowy Day is about a boy named Peter. Peter woke up and saw snow out of his window. Then Peter put on his snowsuit to play outside in the snow. He played by making tracks, hitting a tree with a stick, slid down a mountain and by making snow angels and he went back home. When Peter got home he picked up some snow and put it in his pocket and he went inside his house. He told his mother all about his adventures. When Peter looked into his pocket it was empty because the snowball melted. Then Peter had a dream that all the snow melted but when he woke up there was more snow. He called his friend from the hall and they both played in the snow.

I liked the book because I like snow. My favorite part was when Peter had the dream because I thought the snow was really going to melt. But when he woke up there was more snow. My favorite character is Peter because Peter always has an adventure.

I recommend this story to my friend Arely because she thought it was cool! And because she likes snow.