1 Powerless

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Written by Mathew Cody

Reviewed by A.W. (age 9)


Powerless is about a boy named Daniel. He moves to a town called Noble Green .The town is full of super heroes the super heroes have powers. One can fly, one can go through walls another can do stuff with electricity and the last can run like lightning. But there’s a problem. Once you turn 13 you lose your powers and memory. One of the super heroes named Simon is turning 13 in a week. Daniel finds out who takes the powers away. His name is the Shroud. The shroud is a shadow monster. Read the book to find out what happens to Simon.

My opinion about Powerless is that it has action, adventure and fighting. If you are a person that likes those 3 catogories it would be a great book for you.This is a good book and I could not put it down. My favorite part is when Daniel and his friend Eric go in the jungle to fight the Shroud in a hidden cave and try to escape.

Have you ever been bullied? Have ever moved to a new town and were scared you wouldn’t make any friends? If you have answered yes to either of these questions then you can connect to Daniel.