1 Cam Jansen and the Basketball Mystery

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Cam Jansen and the Basketball Mystery

Written by David A. Adler

Reviewed by T.L. (age 8)

Cam Jansen and the Basketball Mystery

A girl named Jennifer has a photographic memory which means she can remember everything she sees. So people call her Cam as in camera. Cam, her friend Eric and Eric’s family are driving off to Eric’s dad’s old high school to watch a basketball game. They are rooting for the Hamilton High School team. It was a very close game. Read the book to find out who wins. After the game, coach Jenkins got two balls that were signed. One was signed by real NBA basketball players and one by the governor. It was very valuable. A guard went to pick up the basketballs and found only one! One of them was stolen! Can Cam use her photographic memory and save the day again? Read the book to find out.

I liked this book because I think the author had a lot of clues so I could understand it, but I think I could read much harder books. I think a first grader could read this book. I think the illustrations were pretty good they showed a lot of detail and I think the author did a pretty swell job making those pictures. The story, when they lost the basketball, reminded me of when I lost my sun glasses in New York and my mom bought me an excellent new pair.

I recommend this book because the author included a lot of clues and it was very easy to understand. I also realized it made a lot of sense and all the clues fit together. I would recommend this book for a first or second grader or maybe, like me, an early third grader. It’s a mystery so people who like mysteries might like this book and people who like basketball, too.