1 Marty Mcguire

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Marty Mcguire

Written by Kate Mesner

Reviewed by S.T. (age 9)

Marty Mcguire

Marty is a girl who hates princesses. But Marty likes to catch frogs in the pond. At school, the whole entire school is going to have a play. Marty is going to be the princess. When she finds out that they are going to use a stuffed animal as a frog, she gets MAD! What could she do? So then she walks to the pond and she finds a real frog. Now in the play, Marty sneaks a real frog on stage and the whole audience gets scared because they hate frogs. At the end of the play, Marty forgets what she is going to do but then she remembers that she is supposed to throw the frog away. But she can’t throw away a real frog and obviously the frog is not a stuffed animal anymore. Read the book to find out what happens next!

I like this book because it had a lot of details in it. I like the characters because Marty is very funny and she catches frogs in the pond. It reminds me of when I catch frogs in my swimming pool. The book makes me wonder why Marty got inspired by frogs and why she didn’t like princesses anymore. My favorite part in the book is when Marty is going to have a play at school called the Princess and the Frog. She doesn’t like princesses but her teacher says that she is going to be the princess. That’s my favorite part because I think it was funny.

I recommend this book to kids ages 6 to10 because it’s not a hard book to read and the book is very funny and it has a lot of details in it. I think the people who like books that the characters get in trouble will like this book. For example, when Marty has a stuffed animal as a frog she wanted to have a real frog. So she got a real frog and on the stage she is supposed to throw the frog away but she can’t because it’s a real frog!