1 Troublemaker

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Written by Andrew Clements

Reviewed by A.M.B. (age 8)


Trouble Maker is a book about a boy named Clay Hensley. Clay made a lot of trouble at first, but after his brother Mitchell gets in serious trouble Clay stops making trouble. Clay has a lot of reports from all the bad things he had done. In one of the file cabinets in the principals office Clay drew a dumb looking donkey that looks exactly like the principal mixed in together because it was art and Clay did not know what to draw. Read the book to find out all the other trouble Clay got into.

I liked trouble maker because it was very descriptive and there is a lot of trouble from a good artist Clay Hensley. This book is like another book by Andrew Clements, the Report Card. One of the characters gets in serious trouble. My favorite part was when Clay drew the dumb looking donkey combined with the principal because it was at the beginning and it made me want to keep on reading.

I recommend this book for people who like a lot of trouble and mischief. If you like this book you should read other books by Andrew Clements.