1 Warriors: Power of Three: Long Shadows

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Warriors: Power of Three: Long Shadows

Written by Erin Hunter

Reviewed by E.K. (age 9)

Warriors: Power of Three: Long Shadows

This book is a cool fantasy world where cats almost live a human life. Three of the main characters in this book (and series) are Jaypaw, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze. One day, Jaypaw is at the moon pool. The moon pool is where cats go to see the future. Throughout the book, Jaypaw goes to the moon pool a few times. Each time, he is guided to do different tasks, sometimes with Hollyleaf and Lionblaze. Later, two cats get in a fight and a big secret comes out! If you want to find out about this unexpected turn, you will have to read the book.

I thought that this book was intense, surprising and cool. It’s like Warriors Darkest hour because that has a giant battle in it. I think that the author Erin Hunter’s writing style is to make her books very, very, very intense. Even though it’s intense, I still think you should read this book.

I recommend this book to all readers that like suspenseful books. I like this book because it has 3 mysteries. Also when a journey is going on the book switches off between the journey and what is going on at the place where all the cats are. STILL READ THIS BOOK FOR THE LAST TIME!!