1 Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty

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Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty

Written by Nick Bruel

Reviewed by S.W. (age 9)

Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty

A cat has a big birthday party and on the guest list is Chatty Kitty, Strong Kitty, Stinky Kitty and some other friends but not puppy. First the day starts off with an extra breakfast filled with… aardvark, bagels, clam doughnuts, fel fritters, grilled hummingbirds, iguana jelly, koala lemonade, mongoose and nuts, orangautan pancakes, quetle rainsons bread, snake tortillas, unicorn and vegetable juice, walrus in XO sauce, and for dessert a yark zabaglione! All Bad Kitty wants is a present. Will she get her dream present? You will have to read the book to find out.

I liked this book because it was funny and short. I thought the illustrations told a lot about the book because it showed what the feelings were of the characters. Bad Kitty reminds me of my black cat Crystal who sometimes is bad. This book by Nick Bruel is like the other books in this Bad Kitty Series it and the same short, funny, crazy book.

This book is a short and funny book. Not too short and not too long. That is why I like this book. I think you will like this book by Nick Bruel.