1 The Year of the Dog

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The Year of the Dog

Written by Grace Lin

Illustrated by Grace Lin

Reviewed by H.M. (age 8)

The Year of the Dog

Gong Xi, Gong Xi. That means Happy New Year in Chinese! It’s the Chinese year of the dog when Pacy’s (whose American name is Grace) mom said it’s a good year to “find yourself”, make a friend, family time and learn things. This story takes place in new Hartford, New York where the main characters live. Grace is assigned a book project in school and at first, she has writer’s block and is really frustrated. Eventually, she is able to finish the project and is very proud of herself.

My favorite character is Grace because she is nice, funny and good to Melody. Melody is her best friend. I think what’s special about the book is that there is a lot of Chinese traditions. Since Grace is Chinese-American that sounds like so much fun. For example, they have a special New Year’s sweets tray. They also try to stay up late and that means their parents will live longer. This book makes me feel excited because they were getting ready for the Chinese New Year by cooking food, getting presents, and doing fun things!

I recommend this book The Year of the Dog to whoever likes Chinese traditions, family, and friends. If you like those things this is a book for you.