1 The Year of the Rat

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The Year of the Rat

Written by Grace Lin

Illustrated by Grace Lin

Reviewed by M.W. (age 9)

The Year of the Rat

“Happy Year of the Rat” says Dad, which is the Chinese start of a new year Dad explains. But Melandy and Pacy do not know what their New Year’s resolutions should be. Dad says, “Say what you want to accomplish this year.” Then Pacy comes up with an idea. Her idea is to write or draw another book and be an author. So she starts making a book but she can not figure out what to do for her book. Find out what happens with their New Year’s resolutions.

Do you have anyone in your family that is Chinese? I don’t but I still wanted to read this book. I think the book is unique because it tells you about their culture and what they do for their new year. My favorite part of the book was when they told about the race that the animals did to see who comes first second and on for the years and the rat won so he was first. It was my favorite part because it put it into a different font and the author made it feel like you were in the story. This book is not like any other story I read because it is talking about a whole different culture and the author is Chinese.

I recommend this book to people that want to learn about a different culture. In The Year of the Rat it talks about the Chinese culture and what they do for there new year and how they make their New Year’s resolutions.