1 Deadtime Stories: Grave Secrets

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Deadtime Stories: Grave Secrets

Written by Annette and Gina Cascone

Reviewed by O.T. (age 8)

Deadtime Stories: Grave Secrets

A girl named Amanda has a pet cemetery in her backyard and lives next door to a scary old lady named Ms. Barns. Amanda calls her Barnsey. When Amanda and her friends were playing baseball in her backyard the ball went over the fence. Amanda went through a crack and ran to catch the ball. When she grabbed the ball, she ran back. She was halfway through the fence when Barnsey grabbed her wrist. Amanda and her friends screamed. When Barnsey let go, Amanda found out that she lost her friendship bracelet. Amanda and her friends search for the bracelet. Then Amanda ran into a dead squirrel. Amanda’s friends put the squirrel in a box and got a shovel. Her friend, Jarred, started digging. He hit something hard. Amanda and her friends heard something say “Maa-maaaaaaaa!” Read to find out what they are going to dig up!

I like this book because it is scary and good and sometimes funny. I think you would like the ending of the book. I think there is a lot of detail in the writing. My favorite scary part is when Amanda was in the shower and the curtain was moving like somebody on the other side was brushing against it, but when Amanda looked there was no one there. My favorite character is Kevin. He likes to tell scary stories and lie.

I recommend this book to people who like scary and mystery stories. This book keeps you hanging at the end of each chapter. If you like stories with lots of detail, this is a book for you.