1 Bats at the Library

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Bats at the Library

Written by Brian Lies

Illustrated by Brian Lies

Reviewed by Armando (age 7)

One night the bats went to the library. The bats flew in the air to the library by opening a window. The bats looked for books to read. They read the books upside down, they read books about moths and they made shadows. The bats made copies of themselves and squirted water and opened books to live in. The bats like to listen to the story upside and the top bats have stripes on their ears. Some bats read about riding horses, Harry Potter, Little Red Riding Hood and driving cars. Then the bats fly back home.

I thought the book was funny because some of the bats had glasses. It was amazing that bats know how to read. It was a little boring when the bats just imagined stuff. It would have cooler if the adventures were really true. If I saw bats in the library I would scream so that the bats don’t attack me. A bird was in the library when my sister was three and it flew on her knee.

I would recommend this book to Monserat. She would love it and think that it’s funny. I would not recommend this book to adults because it would be boring for them. Kids will like this book because it’s super funny.