1 Mr. Putter and Tabby Make a Wish

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Mr. Putter and Tabby Make a Wish

Written by Cynthia Rylant

Illustrated by Arthur Howard

Reviewed by Ian C. (age 8)

Mr. Putter and Tabby Make a Wish

Do you like to read humor books? Then this book is just right for you. In this book Mr. Putter is celebrating his birthday. He thinks he is too old to celebrate his birthday. Will he end up celebrating it? This lesson in this book is about friendship and how they make your life brighter.

I liked this book because it was interesting.The book was interesting because Mr. Putter enjoys building things. I thought Mrs. Teaberry was very nice. She was nice because she bought Mr. Putter a gift that she knew he would love! This story reminded me of my birthday when I ate cake.My favorite part in the book was when Mr. Putter got his birthday present. I liked this present because I would like to get the same present. You will have to read to find out what the present was.

I would recommend this book to kids that like birthdays. Kids that are 6 years old will enjoy this book because the pictures are fun to look at. This realistic fiction book has 50 pages. If you are a kid that likes funny things that can really happen, then read this book!