1 Wolfman Sam

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Wolfman Sam

Written by Elizabeth Levy

Illustrated by Bill Basso

Reviewed by Amanda H. (age 8)

Wolfman Sam

Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s a wolfman on the loose!!!!! This crazy book is about a teenager named Sam Bamford, and how his brother gives Sam some revenge! This book is realistic fiction. You have to be a genius to figure out this crazy book. This book has 72 pages. Do you think Sam is a werewolf?

I think this book is amazing because of how the author makes Sam and Robert absolutely hate each other. This story reminds me of when I played a huge prank on my brother. In the book Sam’s brother Robert reminds me of my brother because he is always pulling pranks on somebody. That someone is always me!

I recommend this book to 3rd to 5th graders because it would be hard for 2nd graders, and really easy 6th graders. If you like books that will get you thinking, then this is for you. I hope that you really enjoy