1 The Horror at Camp Jelly Jam

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The Horror at Camp Jelly Jam

Written by R. L. Stine

Reviewed by Jonathan M. (age 9)

The Horror at Camp Jelly Jam

Do you like books about mysteries? If you do, you will love this book. The main characters are Deirdre, Jan, Elliot, Buddy, and Wendy. The ground always rumbles at night. Will they find out what that rumbling is?

I liked this book because I once had to solve a mystery. I had to find out who stole my Pokémon card. I never found it but I traded for a new one. I loved the characters because of Elliot. He loved sports more than anyone just as much as I probably like Pokémon.

I would recommend this book to 2-4 graders because it has challenging vocabulary and 128 pages. I think this book was great because the camp was all sports and I love sports. A reader that likes sports will like this story.