1 The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

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The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

Written by Bill Watterson

Reviewed by Mason C (age 8)

The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

In this book of comics, The Essential Calvin and Hobbes, there are two main characters. Calvin is a boy who likes to do crazy stuff. Hobbes is a tiger that likes to play with Calvin. Every time you turn the page there is a different story. One story is Calvin and Hobbes going down a steep hill in a wagon. Another story is Calvin getting abducted by aliens. There are 254 stories in this book! Read this book to find out what other adventures Calvin and Hobbes have.

I like this book because Calvin and Hobbes do lots of crazy stunts. One crazy story tells about Calvin and Hobbes going down a hill on a sled without steering and crashing into a tree! I like how the author draws the pictures so I understand what Calvin and Hobbes are doing. If it’s just words I don’t understand it as well. When I was 6 my brother and I used to go down a hill on a wagon and we almost fell off. That reminds me of when Calvin and Hobbes went down a hill in a wagon. They did fall off!

I recommend this book to 8 or 9 year olds because if you’re younger than 8 or 9 you might not understand why Calvin and Hobbes are doing all these adventures. Also people who like comics will like this book.