1 The Zack Files - Tell a Lie and Your Butt Will Grow

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The Zack Files - Tell a Lie and Your Butt Will Grow

Written by Dan Greenburg

Illustrated by Jack Davis

Reviewed by Caroline J (age 9)

The Zack Files - Tell a Lie and Your Butt Will Grow

In the book, Tell a Lie and Your Butt Will Grow, Zack is a kid who is ten and a half. His parents are divorced. Whenever Zack is with his dad weird things happen to him. There is a kid in Zack’s class named Andrew Clancy. Andrew is a big liar. He lies about everything. Zack’s class has a science fair coming up and Andrew is Zack’s partner. Their project is a bike. When Andrew lies his butt gets bigger. Will Andrew still fit on his science project even though his butt is so big? Read this book to find out!

I like when Andrew’s butt gets bigger because everyone laughs at him because his butt sticks out. I thought that was funny because when I read that I thought about “liar, liar pants on fire.” I also like the illustrations because the illustrator put in so much detail and they are funny. For example one illustration that is funny is when the illustrator drew Dr. Stufflebean because he added so much detail and it is really funny. It is really funny because the illustrator drew a cigar in Dr. Stufflebean’s mouth and he was leaning back in a chair. What I don’t like is that Andrew lies so much because I know that lying is wrong. Two things Andrew lies about are fooling around with the polygraph and wrestling with an alligator.

I recommend this book because it is very funny. Whoever likes funny stories will probably like this book. I think 7 to 12 year olds will like this book because anyone younger than 7 probably won’t understand this book. Anyone older than 12 will think it is dumb. For example, Andrew gets stuck in the bathroom stall. Kids older than 12 might think that is dumb.