1 The Littles

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The Littles

Written by John Peterson

Illustrated by Roberta Carter Clark

Reviewed by Brett N (age 12)

This book is about the little people who live in the walls of houses and in trees in forests. They stay hidden, they take things from big people, and they fix the water pipes and the electricity wires in the walls of the house they live in.

In the story, the owners of the house go away and other people come to live in the house for awhile. They are very messy and mice move in. The big people don't know that there are mice in the house. Tom, one of the Littles, runs across the kitchen floor in a mouse costume and the big people see him, so they get a cat. Tom trains the cat to listen to him. He rides around on it, like it is a horse.

I like this book a lot because the Little people are telling the story and they have to fight mice. It's exciting because the mice try attacking the Littles and the Littles have to outsmart the mice.

I find Tom to be an interesting character. He did brave things, like running across the kitchen floor and taming the cat.

This book is one of a series of books on the Littles. I would recommend this book because the Littles do things that are adventurous and it keeps you in suspense. Grade threes or fours would probably find this a good book to read if they like adventure.