1 Cabin Creek Mysteries - The Secret of Robber's Cave

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Cabin Creek Mysteries - The Secret of Robber's Cave

Written by Kristiana Gregory

Illustrated by Patrick Faricy

Reviewed by Max R (age 9)

Cabin Creek Mysteries - The Secret of Robber's Cave

In this interesting mystery ,The Secret of Robber’s Cave, there are three kids, Jeff, David and Claire, who are trying to find Robber’s cave. Jeff, David and Claire are trying to find gold in Robber’s Cave but on the way they run into some other trouble. There are two other kids, Ronald and Rex, who are trying to find the gold, too. So Jeff, David and Claire have to try to find the gold before Rex and Ronald do. Will Jeff, David and Claire ever find the gold? Read this book to find out.

I like the characters Jeff, David and Claire because they are very active just like me. I’m very active when I’m in the woods just like Jeff, David and Claire when they are in the woods trying to find Robber’s Cave. I like the way the illustrator drew the pictures because they are creepy. One of the creepy pictures is a picture of a skeleton. There is another picture of a skeleton foot that also creepy. I like the setting of this book because I like to go into the woods and that is where Jeff, David and Claire mostly are. I like how Jeff, David and Claire made a fort and that is what I like to do when I am in the woods, too.

I recommend this book for people 8 and older because it has some gross stuff in it, so it’s not good for younger kids. For example, in the book they said that they found a foot with a bone sticking out. If you like mysteries with lots of action then you will like this book. This book has a lot of action. For example, Jeff and David have to get out of a cave they are trapped in.