1 Throwing Stones

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Throwing Stones

Written by Kristi Collier

Reviewed by Delaney B. (age 12)

When Andy’s older brother, Pete, died in World War I, Andy’s life would never be the same. Andy just turned 14 and is starting to feel the weight of his brother’s legacy on his shoulders, especially when he uses Pete’s basketball. Andy’s dream is to lead his basketball team to the Indiana State Tournament, like his older brother did before him. If Andy could only be as good as his brother, maybe he could ease his parents sadness and feel more important. But when his pride gets in his way, over a girl, there’s no chance of him fitting in with his family.

Andy lets a girl ruin his basketball dream and make his family disappontied in him . Andy starts to realize that his dreams of being a basketball star are down the drain. All Andy wants to do is belong in his family, and he was almost there when he let a girl get in his way of his family and his basketball dream.

A funny part of Throwing Stones is when Andy's best friend Ham makes him go see naked girls at the circus. Ham and Andy go to the circus after dark .His school work doesn’t get done. They get chased down by the cops and hunted down by their parents, which leads to a few months being grounded.

My favorite part of the book was when Andy was finally able to play basketball. His dad had not let him because he was getting bad grades. He shot the winning basket.

I liked both Ham and Andy's characters equally. Ham's dialogue was funnier, but Andy was into sports which is more like me.

If this book was ever a movie, I wouldn’t change much except the part when he see naked girls because the book is a children’s book / young adult. So, seeing naked girls wouldn’t be appropriate for younger kids to watch.

This book is one that you’ll never want to put down. Once you pick it up, plan for 3 hours of fun reading. I recommend the book for middle school students.. Boys may like it better than girls because it is about two boys who like sports and get in trouble.