1 World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft

Written by Richard A. Knaak

Reviewed by Ian G. (age 9)

World of Warcraft is about monsters being attacked by bad people. The good people, the Morgins, are trying to stop the Oregons from hurting others. One day while the whole world was working and the guards were watching the gate, the soldiers were walking around to see if the people were okay. Then the Oregons came to destroy the land of the Morgins. The guards started attacking the Oregons. Read the book to find out who wins the war.

I like this book because there are wars and pets and there are a lot of adventures. My favorite part is when the wizards gets a new spell that turns into a horse and another new spell that turns wizards into a cat. Wizard pets can help wizards fight in battle, also when wizards get invited to a war you can bring your pet so your pet can help you win the war. This story makes me remember when my grandpa was a warrior and this book is just like Goose Bumps. I like this book a lot especially when they win wars.

There are not only wizards there are wolf warriors. My most favorite part is when the wolf's whole body turned to fire.

I think people will love this book if they like wizards and monsters. Maybe people that like adventure books will be interested in this book too.