1 Harris and Me

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Harris and Me

Written by Gary Paulsen

Reviewed by Kyle H (age 11)

This story is about a city boy who is not named (he is the storyteller). He stays with his relatives for the summer. They live on a farm and the boy knows nothing about farm life. The main character is Harris, who is rude and swears a lot. Harris has a dad named Knute, a mom named Clair and a sister named Glennis. Harris and the boy get into lots of trouble on the farm. They also do crazy things like swing on ropes off the barn into the pigpen. They also invent a motorized bicycle and take it for a wild ride.

I think this book is funny and while I was reading it, I was wishing the book would never end. Harris and the boy go from one adventure to another, and trouble follows them everywhere. My favorite part is when Harris took a motor from a washing machine and put it on a bike. The boy thought Harris went at least a hundred miles per hour on that motorized bike.

My favorite character was Glennis because whenever Harris swore Glennis hit him in a humorous kind of way. I bet that Harris got a lot of bruises. I would recommend this book because it is hilarious and brilliantly written by Gary Paulsen, the author. I think people who like funny books would like this book.