1 The Paper Bag Princess

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The Paper Bag Princess

Written by Robert Munsch

Illustrated by Michael Matchenko

Reviewed by Tiffany H. (age 8)

The Paper Bag Princess

The story take place in princess Elizabeth's kingdom. Princess Elizabeth is a character in the story who save the prince from the dragon. A problem occurs when the dragon burn down the castle. He took Prince Ronald and he burns her crown and her dress too. The problem is resolved when she said to the dragon I want want to see your fire breath. The dragon shows her and he blew fire, but he ran out of fire. The story ends when Elizabeth saves Prince Ronald, but he said you are a mess. She bounces away. She doesn't need Prince Ronald agian. She got to her happy place.

I like this book because It was funny. It was funny because Eilzabeth wears a paper bag. My favorite character was Elizabeth because she saves prince and is very brave. The pictures in this book were great because they had a lot of details.

I recommend that 2nd and 3rd graders read this book. They would like this book because it was funny.