1 Violet the Pilot

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Violet the Pilot

Written by Steve Breen

Reviewed by AA (age 9)

Violet the Pilot

In the book, Violet the Pilot, there is a little girl named Violet who likes to invent and fix stuff. She is very smart and active. For example, one day she finds a poster that says, Air-show, October, 23! Then she makes her own huge airplane called the Hornet. She wanted to go to the air show but she could not go because she had to do something else .If you want to know what she did that did not allow her to go to the air show you will have to read the book to find out.

I liked this book because one part was funny and the book is pretty interesting and exciting from the beginning to the end. My favorite part was the part where it said Violet put a motor on her little cousin’s tricycle and he went so fast that he fell of his bike because that was the funny part. Violet is an interesting character because she built a bunch of things. The illustrations were very well painted. They really describe the places and characters in the story. I felt comfortable when I read the book. I did not want to stop reading the book because the last part was interesting but not only the last part the whole book was interesting. One part was exciting compared to the rest of the book. That’s when she had to save some people.

I would recommend this book to a third, fourth and/or fifth grade to read this book but maybe even first and second grade could read this book. It is a 4.2 level book .It is a funny and interesting book. If you want to know what happens at the end of the story, you should read this book to find out.