1 The One-eyed Giant

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The One-eyed Giant

Written by Mary Pope Osborn

Reviewed by Timothy V. (age 9)

Do you like reading about giants? Then you should read The One-eyed Giant. It's about a man that went to war and on the way back he and his men stopped at many islands. Once he came to an island and he got trapped in it by an evil god. Find out if he escapes the evil god.

My favorite part is when Oddyess got trapped because when he got trapped the One-eyed Giant tried to kill Oddyess but Oddyess escaped. This book reminds me of a time I was alone with my sister. Also when I saw a sleeping person on the street. I love this book because it is funny. I like his men. Oddyess has 48 funny, big and buff men. Once they were on an island and Indians were attacking them. Oddyess' men used bows and arrows to kill the Indians.

I recommend this book for kids aged 9-13 years old. I give it 5 stars.