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Library Mouse

Written by Daniel Kirk

Reviewed by Armando (age 7)

Library Mouse

This book is about a mouse named Sam who lives in a shelf at the library. In the night it is Sam’s library. Sam reads a lot of books. Sam imagines so many far away places. One night Sam was going to write his first book. Sam looked in the mirror to see himself and drew mice. In the first night Sam was finished with his first book and put it in a shelf. The next day a girl found Sam’s book and showed it to the librarian, and then the librarian showed it to the other librarians. Sam was watching. The next night Sam wrote about the Lonely Cheese. When Sam was finished with his book he put it on the shelf. The next morning a boy found Sam’s book and picked it up from the shelf and showed it to the librarian. The librarian showed it to the kids at story time. The next night, Sam sharpened colored pencils and pencils and made blank paper books and took the tissue box and put pencils and a mirror inside and a little wrapper on top. The next morning, a little girl came to the tissue box to see the author and she saw herself. The other kids came to see the author and they saw their own selves too. They started to write books. They put their books on a shelf. The next night, Sam wrote another book. He couldn’t decide if it was an adventure book, a funny book or folk tale or nonfiction book or mystery.

I liked it because it was funny. My favorite part was when the kids look in the mirror because they become authors when they wrote about books. The pictures are great because they look real. This book reminds me of Stuart the Mouse.

I recommend this book to others because they will like it. It is funny and it will make them write about books. It will help them get smarter because they can practice writing and pass school.